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We realize that growing a business isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  It takes planning, strategy, implementation, hard work and dedication in order to succeed.  Our vastly experienced team of strategists, planners, developers and business consultants is exactly the right fit for a business that is ready to grow to a whole new level.  We’ve compiled the most talented people that we could find, who fit into our belief system of “God’s Kingdom First”, and we’ve put them to work just for you.  As a Bible believing Christian owned company, we alway do our best, to work as if we are working for HIM, and we want to treat everyone properly.

Mathew 7:12 So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

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Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Experts.

David Englert
David EnglertOnline Marketing & SEO
As a successful and seasoned business person, David began building websites back in 2006. He quickly realized that you also needed to get those websites in front of potential buyers so he began to study SEO. Helping clients to grow their businesses at a faster rate became a passion, and staying on the cutting edge of internet technologies is essential. “I love that we’re privileged to be connected to the top SEO’s in the business. We meet weekly to share strategies and alert each other to changes that could harm our clients Google positions. This has been a huge blessing.”

Most days you’ll find David working on strategy, overseeing projects and answering the phones. When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his wife Kim and their two dogs.

Strategy 70%
Application 30%
Doug Jackson
Doug JacksonBusiness Consulting & Strategy
Doug’s experience in sales and marketing, banking and finance as well as business building makes him an extremely valued asset to our clients. He has a knack for asking the right questions and getting to the root of any problem, helping our clients to grow quicker and more efficiently. Doug is a people person and he cares deeply about our clients, who eventually, and always become our friends. Helping others has always been a priority for Doug and after all, isn’t that what we are called to do?

Doug is always thinking of ways for us to help our clients but when he’s not working, he spends his time with his wife Julie, his daughter and his son. He’s very active either running, lifting weights or chasing after his grandchildren.

Client Consulting 79%
Strategy 21%

Some Of Our Talented Team Members

Florie Lyn
Florie LynProject Manager
Florie is our project manager extraordinaire. She comes with a degree in hospitality and tourism. Her first experience in online marketing was when she was asked to write content for a website. That evolved into SEO content writing and digital marketing, and over 10 years of experience with a large marketing firm. She’s acquired various skills in online marketing that help our clients to grow their businesses. Learning new skills is a passion of hers as is helping our clients and working with our team.
Admin & Organization 80%
Strategy 20%
JannWebsite Developer
Jann brings a huge skillset to our team as a developer and a coder. When we’re presented with an idea, he’s ready to make it work. He also fits extremely well into our team with his positive attitude, strong work ethic and easy-going demeanor.
Development 80%
Design 20%
MaritaSenior Developer
Marita is our supremely talented web designer who has the talent and knowledge to do-it-all! There doesn’t seem to be a challenge that she can’t handle and our clients are always amazed at her blazing speed. She’s a wife and a mother of two little ones, who keep her quite busy!
Web Design 80%
SEO 20%
JunryWebsite Developer
We’re constantly surprised at what he is capable of doing. When he’s assigned a project, it is always better than what was planned. Junry has the ability to see things on a different plane and the results are truly amazing. He’s also one of the most cheerful people you’ll ever meet.
Development 80%
Design 20%
SelviGraphic Design
Selvi has been a big asset to our team with her amazing graphic talents. She studied graphic design in school and enjoys using PhotoShop to create. She’s a very detail-oriented person who loves to learn and improve her skills while challenging and pushing her limits.
Photoshop 80%
Graphics 20%
KennData Processing & More
Kenn is BACK! One of the first members of our team who is a hard working people pleaser has returned. He’s amazingly capable and can do almost anything he puts his mind to. He’s now married and about to become a new papa! We’re glad to have you!
Graphic Design 40%
Data Processing 60%
ReynanSystems/Software Developer
Reynan has been working as a system/software developer since 2011. He has developed a number of data entry systems, online product catalogs, invoice matching & reconciliation systems, online platforms for procurement, monitoring, assessment, reports & inventory. He’s developed for the government & private sector. When he’s not busy automating complicated systems, he can be found taking selfies with his son, Riley.
Software Genius 100%
CatherineContent Writing
A lover of the written word, Catherine seems to be unable to reach the limits of her writing capabilities. She always has more to write and does a great job for our needs. She’s got a creative mind and lots to say on paper! We’re glad to have her skills on our team.
Content Writing 100%

We Have Several Other Support Team Members

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We Thrive On Creativity, Knowledge & Determination.

We are a team of do’ers, driven to make our clients successful and help them to grow or even explode their businesses.

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Creativity is what sets us apart from the rest. If you want to be mediocre, this isn’t the place because we thrive!

We Have Knowledge

The internet moves fast, so we need to keep pace. We’re always learning so we can serve your needs better and better!

We Are Determined

I’ve never seen a quitter on our offices. Determination is what drives our team of experts to succeeding for you.

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